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Stump Grinding & Removal

​Do you have old or new tree stumps on your property? Not only are they ugly, they're also a tripping hazard. And just the other day, you were annoyed by them again while mowing your lawn.

So why not just have them removed? At Tree Service Statesboro, we have a powerful stump grinder. This one will demolish your tree stump in no time. This leaves only wood chips from the old tree stump.

Besides the personal reasons, there are also reasons that show how important it is to remove tree stumps.

The first thing to mention here is that such a tree stump is a true paradise for wood-eating insects, such as termites or ants. It is unthinkable if these pests spread to other plants or even buildings.

Diseases also like to settle in the tree stump. From there, they can then infest the healthy trees and plants.

So what is the difference between stump grinding and tree stump removal?

In stump grinding, the stump grinder is used. The stump grinder is a machine, which uses a rotating cutting disc to grind the tree stump. Smaller machines can shred the stump 10 to 12 inches below ground level. Larger machines can even cut up to 24 inches or more. Stump grinders are very maneuverable, so they can be used in tight spaces. What is left behind are wood chips that can be used as mulch.

When removing the stump, the entire tree stump is removed, including roots. For smaller trees with little root system, it can simply be pulled out with a powerful machine, such as an excavator. Larger stumps with large root systems must be dug out. Holes are left behind that need to be filled back in with soil.

As you can see, tree stump removal leaves visible traces on the site. That is why it is rarely used in gardens. Complete tree stump removal is more commonly used in construction projects or landscape remodeling. In addition, stump removal is also much more expensive than stump grinding, as it is more labor intensive and time consuming.

Let our team of experts advise you on the best solution for your property.

After the tree stump has been removed, it is time to think about planting a new one. If you want to plant a new tree, then we will be happy to advise you on which tree species are suitable for our area and your property. This way you will have many years of enjoyment from your plants.

In addition to tree stump removal, we also offer Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Trimming and other services. Feel free to contact us with your request.

To avoid having to cut down trees in the first place, it is also recommended to have our certified arborists do an inspection. In this way, diseases and damage to your trees can be detected in time. This way we can take precautions and the right measures so that you can enjoy your garden and healthy trees for a long time.


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