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There are many reasons to turn to us. The most important is probably that you can rely on us 100%. Whether it's the quality of our work, our highly trained staff, we are ISA licensed and insured, state of the art equipment, professional safety precautions or simply good communication with our customers, which is important to us, you can rely on us. As you can see, we are proud of our company and what our team does every day. As soon as you get to know us, you will realize that we really enjoy our work and we always strive for the best solution for our customers. We truly care about your trees, shrubs and hedges. We value nature and take care of it. That's why we really only use pesticides when there is no other way. However, many problems can be avoided by taking good precautions. You ask what such precautions look like and what they protect against? First of all, diseased or weak trees are a major hazard. If a storm then comes along, things get really dicey. A falling tree or even just a falling heavy branch is a threat to life and property. Be smart and take precautions. It's best to make an appointment with us today. A certified arborist will then come to you. Not only will he take a close look at your trees, but he will also do various tests. This way we can determine if your tree is also healthy and robust inside and in the root. He will also examine the laage of the trees on their property. If they are too close to the house, they can cause damage through their root system, or if they are too shady, moisture can build up and mold can form. Depending on what kind of tree it is, it may become a hazard to your home during a storm. As you can see, there is a lot to consider! We discuss the subsequent result with you and create a plan for the necessary measures. After consultation with you, we carry out all the necessary work professionally. So you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have done everything for your safety and that of your loved ones.


Tree Removal

Even if we would prefer to preserve all trees, sometimes it is simply not possible. Whether a tree has become too rotten or has lost so much stability due to a storm that it threatens to fall over, in either case it is a great danger .

Sometimes trees are also too badly affected by pests or a disease, so that the only thing left to do is tree removal. Or a tree has grown too large for the place where it was originally planted. Or maybe it has to make way for a new construction project.

Whichever of the reasons may be bi to you, you should always have a tree removed by a team of experts. After all, a tree's weight and size make it impossible to control without the necessary expertise and machinery.

After making an appointment with us, our team of experts will come to you to see what is happening on site. There are many things to consider. What kind of tree is it? Is it large or small? What is its growth like? What kind of roots does it have? Is it close to buildings or a power line?

After consulting our experts, a member of our team will contact you. He will explain to you exactly what steps are necessary and what safety precautions need to be taken. And, of course, they will also receive a detailed cost estimate.


Once all uncertainties have been cleared up, we arrange an appointment. We carry out all the necessary work. From securing the work site to cleaning up the mess, we do everything quickly, reliably and with the utmost care. If you wish, we can do the stump removal at the same time. Likewise, if you wish, we can chop the tree into firewood.

And if not, we will also take care of the disposal of everything. You will notice that afterwards there are hardly any traces left of the whole action.

Stump Grinding

Are there ugly tree stumps on your property?

These are not only an eyesore in your beautiful garden, but the first people have already stumbled over them and when mowing the lawn they are simply in the way. Let us help, with our stump grinder the job is done in no time. But apart from the fact that tree stumps in the garden are not a pretty sight, they also harbor dangers. Apart from the risk of accidents, they harbor diseases and fungi that can quickly spread in your garden. For pests like termites and ants, they are a veritable paradise. And do you really want these little animals around your house? We think probably not!

Don't let it come to that and make an appointment with us today. We solve this problem gladly for you.

And when we have done the stump grinding, you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity when it comes to replanting. So your garden will shine again in all its beauty.

Tree Emergency Service

When a tree threatens to fall, you can't wait.

The danger to human life, animals and buildings is too great. Quick and prudent action is the most important thing here. Fortunately, we at Tree Service Statesboro have the necessary experience and machinery. This allows us to intervene quickly and safely and prevent the worst from happening. Our 24/7 emergency tree service is here for you around the clock.

Please leave the work to us professionals! Many a layman has suffered serious injuries or even lost his life because he thought he could do it himself. Trees are often misjudged and this leads to greater damage than necessary.

Even if a tree has already fallen, please let the professionals do the work. Our trained employees know exactly what to do and have the necessary practical experience. This way no further damage will occur and you and your loved ones are safe.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning properly is an art. How fortunate that we at Tree Service Statesboro have highly trained employees. Because pruning incorrectly can cause lasting damage to a tree. Trees are as different as we are as people. Each type of tree needs its own special treatment. You prune a deciduous tree differently than a coniferous tree. Even the layman can recognize this. In addition, there are also such characteristics as growth, does it stand in groups or alone and of course, what are your special wishes.

Some people prefer tree trimming to shape as an eye-catcher on their property, while others are primarily concerned with the health of their trees. Whatever your reason, we are here to help.

Through selective pruning, we can remove dead, rotten or diseased wood. This benefits the health of the tree and prevents such hazards as storm damage. It also supports the healthy growth of your tree. We can make specific corrections so that the tree grows with even weight.

Thinning out the upper crown has the benefit of giving the lower crown enough light. This in turn results in the tree getting more fullness and being beautiful to look at.

Do you have fruit trees or are you thinking about getting some?

Fruit trees need special care. To get a rich harvest with good fruit, they need regular tree pruning. This involves removing the so-called water shoots. This is necessary because otherwise they would draw all the strength that the tree actually needs for the fruit. And it prevents unwanted branch formation.

Trust the professionals here, so that you can continue to have great harvests.

As you can see, there are good reasons to hire an expert company. Make an appointment with us today. One of our qualified employees will visit you on site, look at the trees in question, listen to your wishes, and after discussing them with you, you will receive a detailed cost plan. After your okay, we put everything as soon as possible into practice.

Fast, competent and reliable.

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